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New LP “Level” is now available!

November 22nd, 2014 by



The new “Level” CD from Pennsylvania based Mesa Jane is an exceptional 10 Track release and is very multi-dimensional to say the least. It also however possesses an undeniable Alternative Rock-Pop core sound accessible by all listeners – even old school Singer/Songwriter, 80’s, 90’s Pop fans. Does all of this sound a bit over the top to you? Just listen to marquee tracks like “Haunt You” , “Lay Your Arms Down” and “Happen Again” and you will see my perspective. I got hooked on MJ right away after listening to the first few moments of brilliant Track 1 “Haunt You.” Melding a unique yet accessible blend of impressive ambience, melodic guitars, earthy overtones, beats, tasty groove-ridden bass lines and infectious vocals from Jane.

Jane’s sound is a testament to how she approaches music. Kudos goes out to the band, melodic guitars and amazing vocals from Jane. Again – the overall musical personality is also really a big part of their sound. It adds a sort of a Singer/Songwriter-Pop stigma to the rock sound. I hate to pigeonhole but if you like Sinead O’Conner, Tori Amos and Kate Bush – you will love Mesa Jane. Personally she reminds me of a modern day version of Beth Orton. While the main focus of this particular genre of music is generally the musical personality. That doesn’t mean that the vocals and lyrics fall too far behind. They never feel like an afterthought. Hence the vocal work and lyrical content from Jane really bring it all together.

Top Tracks: Haunt You, Lay Your Arms Down, I Can’t Feel, Coming Through

“Level” also manage to move between mellower sounds and more rocked out ones – all the while sounding undeniably progressive, electronic-based yet dark and melancholy-good. All in all it’s a powerful combination that puts an artist like Mesa Jane on the map for 2014. She should go a long way towards proving that good Singer/Songwriter Pop is still alive and well down in Pennsylvania.
By: Levi Jackson

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June 13th, 2014 by

DIY Haunt You Video

February 14th, 2015 by

I had so much fun making this video with my iphone.  Just me and my shadow(s) dancing in my attic.   Reminds me of music videos I made as a kid.  #putyourdancingpantson

Best Alternative Song of 2014

February 9th, 2015 by

9th-annual-hometown-heroes-homey-awards-64THANK YOU to all the fans who voted for Haunt You and helped me advance to the Homey Awards Round 2 for Best Alternative Song!! Winners for all categories will be announced at the ceremony on 3/6/15 at the World Cafe Live Queen in Wilmington, DE! #fingerscrossed #loveandgratitude

Top 7 Most Played Rock/Pop Albums of 2014

January 4th, 2015 by
Wow, check out this great news from the music director WSCA-LP Portsmouth Community Radio 106.1 fm !! #loveandgratitude

These are WSCA 106.1 FM’s most played Rock/Pop albums from 2014, in alphabetical order. I am feeling the Christmas Holiday vibe so I shall not divulge the rankings, though there were some albums tied. But all were played more than the latest releases from Tom Petty, Johnny Cash, Chrissie Hynde, Morrissey, Ziggy Marley, among other notable artists. Also listed are the most played songs from the albums. Feel free to spread the word on your website & social media pages, and tell your bandmates, spouses, parents, best friend, postal carrier, mechanic, parole officer, an elementary school teacher, counselor, and that person at that store you have a crush on.

Astronomique – Burning Stars Fade (Pretend We’re Stars, Shaded Gray, The Rawest Nerve)

Claire – The Great Escape (Games, Roll Down Run South, You Walk In Beauty)

Leisure Cruise – Leisure Cruise (Double Digit Love, Believer, Crime Tip)

Lovestarrs – Supernova (Get Your Sexy On, Movie Star, I Heart You)

Mesa Jane – Level (Lay Your Arms Down, Haunt You, Don’t Stop)

Midnight Faces – The Fire Is Gone (Over Again, This Time, Wake Me)

Strange Talk – Cast Away (Cast Away, Another Day, Falling In Love)

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